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As a child and young adult, I often helped my mother care for my grandmother, who has Alzheimer's, and my grandfather who was ill from diabetes. As their needs grew, we were unable to find the level of quality care necessary to allow them to safely remain in the comfort of their home. Although we would eventually locate a great elderly care home for my grandmother, sadly, my grandfather would succumb to the complications of his disease in a rehabilitation facility.

When I turned 20, I found myself in the caregiver role again. This time, very unexpectedly, and for my mother! At 44 years young, she had her first stroke which stemmed from a mass on the back of her heart. A second stroke and emergency open heart surgery would soon follow. My young vibrant mom, who just ran 3 miles with me the day before her first stroke, now needed the same care she so lovingly and unselfishly gave to her parents. I immediately and wholeheartedly gave her every ounce of me to ensure her full recovery.


These lifechanging events would be my motivation in founding and launching the Jubilee Home Care Agency. I vowed that I would position myself to help those who cannot help themselves. That I would be that extended support system for families in need of answers and resources. That I would build the right team to help others stay where they feel the most comfortable and loved while receiving the care they need and deserve. 

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